Childhood is the time of innocence and development. The formative years of a child’s life are the crucial for shaping the future. This phase should be carefully managed & crafted so that it brings in the hidden talents and the best in a child. These years decide what a child would become; an asset or a liability for the nation. Therefore, the Indian Government grants some basic childhood rights to ensure a happy, growth-oriented childhood for every adolescent. These enforceable rights offer to provide basic necessities and growth opportunities for the future of the nation.


Ensuring Education & Right Nutrition for every child

Education is the tool for child development & nutrition is the requirement of every human being. Realising this fact the Government has made primary education free and compulsory for everyone. The government has also mandated that children have right to receive and share information, as long as it is not derogatory to anyone. They should be properly cared for and loved by their parents and be made available nutritional food required for their growth. They should be provided with hygienic food, clean water and safe environment for healthy all round development. Education & Nutrition cannot be disregarded to anyone irrespective of their caste, color, religion etc. The Government shall provide a decent standard of living to all children whose families cannot afford to do so. These stringent laws and regulations have ensured that children enjoy their childhood and avail Education & Nutrition during the most important years of their lives.


Preventing street children

The Indian Embassy estimated that an average of 6,00,000 children live on streets in India. It has been seen that almost 80,000 are added annually to this number and if nothing is done, the future of the country is in distress. Street children are exposed to endless daily issues like sexual abuse, forced begging, labor, petty vending, cleaning cars, drug peddling, pick pocketing and what not.  Street Children are not just a demographic we need to work on but it is also a huge waste of human resource.


There are numerous stories hidden in the nooks and corners of the country where orphans, or sons/ daughters of rickshawalas or street vendors worked hard to become IAS or doctors or engineers etc. These stories are not just rags to riches stories but also have a deeper meaning; if every child is given enough opportunity to prove themselves, the face of the nation would change drastically in the coming years. The government is creating skill centres, employment opportunities, education platforms, opening orphanages, NGOs and providing meals & better living facilities to street children for their growth and development.


Conducting Awareness programs

Many initiatives have been flagged off by the government as Awareness programs for making the less fortunate cognizant about their rights & privileges. These are much needed for a country which is called the youngest nation in the world having average age of every citizen is around 26. These initiatives work to educate and impart knowledge to kids and parents regarding the value of education, family planning, diseases, first-aid, rights and responsibilities, growth opportunities, governmental schemes that they can benefit from. These awareness programs try to work for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society and provide them community and governmental support. The potential youth has to be made well informed and educated so that we leave the future of the nation in wise hands.


Providing basic needs and proper facilities at schools

Everyone needs proper facilities and basic necessities to grow and nurture. Government has started offering mid-day meals, proper sanitation, free books, free uniform and many other facilities to uplift the street children. The proper facilities at governmental schools ensure that every child receives adequate means of growth and no one is neglected due to his/ her financial stature or caste bias. A library for extra reading, a playground for physical fitness, initiating extra-curricular activities, having arts and music classes etc. should also be made essential for schools for adding to the wisdom of the young. These activities do not just calm and soothe one’s mind but also teach many other impertinent life skills. The basic amenities of clean toilets, well-furnished classrooms, duly painted walls, adequate stationery, well-motivated staff and faculty, all play an important role in adding on to the enthusiasm of children and dedication towards studies. These little things play an integral part in shaping the future of the country.


Awareness against discrimination

It has been clearly stated in the constitution of India that there shall be no bias due to caste, color, creed, religion etc.; any such offence is punishable by law. Children should be made well aware against discrimination, initiating it, being a part of it or being its victim. Children should be raised in a society which does not prefer one over the other due to physical appearance or status of living. They should be free from any type of discrimination or prejudices which will create equals in real terms and not individuals with reservation tags.


This practice of equality should be imbibed in them from the very initial stages of their life, be it gender equality, caste, religion or any other. A strong foundation would resolve one of the biggest issues of the country and teach everyone that every religion is equal and respectable. This awareness & wisdom cannot happen without the support of every citizen in the country.


These practices and initiatives by one and all would make the world a better place to live and prosper. It would spread the message of oneness and create a better future for the country. If we make the children aware of their rights and how to avail them, and they are provided for and looked after, they will make wise career choices and would become better citizens. Today’s child is tomorrow’s future, so if we work on today’s youth the country is surely on a growth trajectory. The awareness programs, taking care of street children and providing them adequate resources for growth would ensure a happier & developed India.


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