How can youth get involved and help people from volunteering?

“When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed.”                                                                              — Mother Teresa

The youth is the most prized asset of every country. It is the youth which leads the nation, brings change, builds the future and takes the country to soaring heights. No country can develop if the youth is not focused or empathetic. Youth should realize not just its rights but also the responsibilities. The young should lead and create firm foundation for the country’s glorious future. They should help provide a hand to one another so that everyone can stand with a head held high and make contribution in the country’s growth.

Here are a few ways you can volunteer and help bring change:

Get into Teaching

Education is the tool that shapes our life and molds us into valuable assets of the country. ‘Each one, teach one’ is one initiative taken by the government to get the youth involved in volunteer work. ‘Teach for India’ is a country wide movement which has brought about a huge impact on the society and its upliftment. The young educated citizens of the country should realise the fact that not every child is provided the basic right to education; they should give back to the society as much as they can. Imparting knowledge is one of the noblest of deeds a human can do. They should enroll themselves into Non-governmental Organizations, like Action Aid India to impart education to the less fortunate. NGOs like these provide also basic education to the old, poor and needy so that they are not fooled or deceived in their daily lives. It is said that you learn more when you teach. Experience the joy of giving!


Prevent Street Children

The quality of childhood shapes the future of a young mind. The formative years are the most integral part of one’s life and should not be wasted on streets. With adolescence the minds of children transform from innocent to inquisitive and it is at this time that education plays an important role in molding their personal and professional life.

Childhood should not be made futile by indulging in child labor, picking up garbage, drug peddling, pick-pocketing, prostitution etc. They should be carved to be the future of the country. We should rescue and educate them to be better human beings so that they can rise from the life of shame and poverty. There are many initiatives and programs started by the government to uplift them with the assistance of Ministry of Labor. Various NGOs have been working to shine and polish this dark side of the country. We should join hands and make our free time productive by supporting this noble cause.

Women stepping up to lead change in India

Women have been long kept away from their rights. Gone are the days when women were oblivious and ignorant; today is the era of Women Empowerment. The sun has dawned on the change and now women have become cognizant and strong to lead and bring the change in the society. Many organizations have understood the power of women; their exquisite managerial skills are being credited. Women should also realise their true potential to bear the torch and head towards a new society, free from all the social evils and prejudices.

Women should not be considered as burden to the family and be encouraged to follow their heart and live life freely. They are great teachers, empathetic social workers and dedicated volunteers. Various programs such as ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ have been launched to save the girl child. Action Aid India also features an initiative called ‘Beti Zindabad’ for the same cause. Join hands to make the country a better place to live in.


Involvement during Disasters

Lives are ruined and households are devastated during natural disasters like floods, typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes etc. They shatter people and their lives turn around in a matter of minutes. It is during this time that we realise how empathetic and caring we truly can be; everyone cares for the ones they are related to, what makes us human is the fact that we come through for others when they need us. This is the time when people need help the most.

We can contribute be being part of rescue teams, providing financial support, shelter, medical assistance, food and other basic necessities essential for living. We should lend a hand during these natural calamities. Floods disrupt millions of lives in the blink of an eye; we should do our bit by donating groceries, blood, professional services, starting a helpline and offering spiritual and emotional support to the needy. Timely help can change a life!

Volunteer Organizations

There are many organizations working towards the upliftment of the society with the help of public or government. They need volunteers for their routine programs and emergency initiatives. They offers various services like teaching, awareness, rescue operations, child support etc. We can enroll ourselves to support knowledge imparting initiatives and also offer financial aid for these programs. Volunteering activity should be encouraged among the youth of the country as a way of living. Lending a hand should be the norm of the day. NGOs are always in dearth of volunteers which should not be the case. Volunteering activity, if taken up by all, will change of the face of the nation and bring us on the world map with numerous laurels.

We should not focus on the problems surrounding these issues but look for what we can do to provide solutions and help minimize the problems. If we all follow the saying by the great author, Matshona Dhliwayo, ‘See the world as it is; strive to make it as it should be,’ the world would be a better place to live in.


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